Friday, February 01, 2008

Blame Canada

I wanted to share some facts about Canada you may not know (or even care about!)...

1. We have provinces, not states.

2. It's not that much colder than most of the US, except for WAY up north.

3. We have better Oreo's, Smarties, Chinese food and McDonald's.

4. Health Care if "free" but you still need insurance for hospital stays, medications, etc. You don't just walk out with free pills.

5. Marijuana *IS* illegal (Shout out to Andrea here!)

6. The legal drinking age is 19 in MOST provinces, 18 in Quebec and one of the prarie provinces, I believe.

7. We have the metric system and HATE it. Lots of people don't use it.

8. Our beer is stronger :D

9. Canadian movies suck...and we know it.

10. The Tragically Hip dudes are Canadian, so are the Trailer Park Boys...Britney Spears, thankfully, is NOT.

That's all for now, I am sure I will post more some other time.


Stacie said...


Wendy said...

lol...but your smarties are not like our (USA) smarties....ROFL

Jovi said...

seems like everything's gone wrong since canada came along...

wait, what??

j/k, i think y'all are pretty fly up there!

Andrea said...

LMAO!! I am still unsure of #5!!!

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

How aboot this one - when some one says "Thank You", we say "You're Welcome" instead of the very neaderthal "Unhhhh huhhh". Yay, Canadian manners!

robert said...

how is the prohibition of drugs a good thing? trying to point out that canadians can be a stuffy and politically backward as proper americans? :) while you're at it you could direct all available resources to ongoing wars in foreign lands.

heh. proper americans. i need to say that more often.

Cookie's Mommy said...

i never said the drug thing was good or bad, lol, just statin' the facts!