Friday, September 29, 2006


I am usually pretty good at this "time of the month". It usually just comes and goes...well, ever since I started taking my Happy Pills, anyway. But for some reason this month is not sood good. My stupid period arrived yesterday and OH MY GOD I am a raging BITCH!! I can't help it! My poor husband! I am ready to KILL him! I even mildy snapped at Chelsea in the car tonight, which is actually rare for me. Ugh. I hate myself like this. Luckily it won't last long, it never does, really. If youasked my husband, he'd say I am a bitch all the time (he he) but this is different, I feel real live RAGE. I feel like screaming, yelling, crying and hitting. I should just go to bed early tonight, there is not much else to do and lord knows he doesn't want to hang out with me. I ALMOST fell bad for him, but I can't fully because all I actually feel is the RAGE!!

How do you deal with your PMS?

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Potty Success/Stupid Shrek

We had some potty success the other day. I let Chelsea run around without her diaper for a few hours the other morning, and I asked her very frequently if she had to pee. She said NO each time. Finally I was on the phone with her Daddy at work and she sat down and peed! It wasn't much pee, but we did a dance, clapped, etc and took it upstairs to flush and wipe (and dribble all the way up). So we did all that stuff, and then she got all excited and wanted to use her other potty, the one we keep in the bathroom. So she did! A bigger dribble this time! So then I ran her a bath and while the tub was filling, she peed again! This was going great! Then when I wasn't paying attention, she peed again, halfon the floor, half in the potty, and felt really bad for the pee on the floor, but I said it was all good, she was doing really well! So she bathed, and got dressed, and I put her in big girl undies, and easy to remove shorts, and we talked about not peeing on Mommy's floor, and she agreed, and asked to watch Shrek 2 (not Shrek 1, she hates that one). Five minutes into Shrek, I was on the computer and looked over to see puddle on my floor and a girl in a trance, not realizing she was soaked. Stupid Shrek.