Monday, January 28, 2008

No News

It stormed here today. Snow, wind, ice pellets, the works. My mom's appointment was cancelled and rescheduled for NEXT Monday. Ugh. A whole week to fret and worry.

I did speak to her the other day, after I last blogged, and it's Alzheimer's they are testing for. So I am not sure if she will be given results or more tests at the appointment. Either way, it's inevitable. If she doesn't have it now, she WILL get it. It's hereditary and her mother had it, as do some of her older sisters. Better than the death sentence that is cancer, right?

Not really. What is worse, your mind going or your body? Honestly, I can't decide. I hate the thought of my mother (or anyone for that matter) forgetting her family and friends. Her grandchildren, her husband, her daughters. What cruel jokes the universe will play on us. And why? Why does anyone deserve that sort of pain? Alzheimer's hurts the whole family. Breaks hearts. And I don't think I can handle it.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


My biggest worry? Losing one of my parents. I think I may even be a little paranoid about it. I think about it almost daily. Like "Will my Dad have a heart attack while shoveling?" "Will my mom being a car accident?" "Will one of them get a scary cancer diagnosis?"

My parents are active and healthy. My dad just turned 64 and my mom turned 56 in July. Not that old, and they eat well and exercise, so why the worry? I love them. I need them, they are my rocks. My dad and I were never close, but I love him. And until I had my own children, I had no idea how much. We are not all huggy and stuff, but I can feel his love and I hope he can feel mine. Little things he does for me prove that he loves me. He's my Daddy. My mom and I have a great relationship. We have always been able to talk and hang out. It has gotten closer again since I had kids. I want my kids to grow up close to their "Nanny and Poppy" and love visiting them. I am pretty sure my mom is Chelsea's absolute favourite person, and I LOVE that. Both of my parents work full time jobs and show no signs of stopping any time soon. I KNOW I can go to my parents for help anytime, with anything.

My dad stopped by my house this morning to drop something off. While holding the baby, he told me that he took a phone call this morning from my mom's doctor, referring her to another doctor at another center for an appointment next week. He didn't know the doctor's name or what the appointment was for. But they told him to tell her she needs to bring a family member. WHAT?? What could that mean?? I am scared. Is it some kind of bad news? Why else would she need a family member? He seemed a little freaked out too. I asked him of he knew of any tests she'd had lately, he didn't know, or didn't tell me, not sure which. She gets regular mammograms because breast cancer is in the family, but I know her last one was fine.

So what then? My mind is racing. I am thinking the worst, of course. I am terrified.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I have nothing to write about! My mind is BLANK. But Stacie says I need to post more. Perhaps she forgets that I have a newborn, lol. Just buggin ya Stacie, she's almost 4 months old now, I'm not *that* busy ;)

I have been uninspired to take pics lately. Well, I wouldn't say uninspired so much as bored with taking indoor pics. And outside is just too WHITE from all the snow, I KNOW it would throw my white balance all off, and that is not my strong point right now, at all. I am taking an online photography course right now, it's fun, but I am not really learning anything yet that I didn't already know, so that sucks, but means I am smart, I guess, lol. My dear friend Kacie pointed it out to me, thanks babe! It was cheap, compared to other courses, so if I don't learn anything, no loss. Plus it's only like day 2 :P I *may* learn something eventually.

Ok, don't laugh, but I am working on a few things here at home. I am working on making dinner for the family at least 4 days a week (don't even ask how often I cooked previously) and doing dinner dishes immediately after dinner, instead of when I get to them, and also we are eating dinner at the kitchen table as a family. We were a TV family before...I know, bad bad. So far we are part of the way thru week 2 and it's going well! You'd swear my husband was getting more sex too, he is that happy, lol. Sadly, that is not the case, but apparently food is just as important. Go figure. I am not a great cook, I must be really lousy in bed too, lol. Actually, it is all part of my master see, once I am done of maternity leave, I will have to return to work in the evenings, and family time will be rally limited. I want to woo him with my domesticated-ness and he will want me home, barefoot and pregnant forever...then i can work on my photography skills while I stay at home with my kiddos and eventually take over the WORLD with my photography. Ok, that will never happen....

Don't ya wish I left this post blank?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mother Nature's Kinder Surprise

Tonght is homemade pizza night in our house, so in preparation yesterday, I pick up the ingredients we were out of. One thing I needed was a green pepper for *my* side of the pizza. We were in the grocery store and I asked Chlesea to help me find and pick one out. For a kid that won't actually *eat* any veggies, she sure can pick 'em! She picked out a nice fat green one and gave it a sniff. Then she shook it, and had a surprised look on her face! The seeds inside were rattiling around and making a noise when she shook it. She then gestured for me to bend down to hear this amazing sound and so after I heard it and bagged up the pepper, she said, "Hey Mommy, do you think there is a TOY inside your pepper?"

Maybe so Chelsea, maybe so.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


So I am having kind of a brain-dead week. On Monday, I was giving the girls a bath. I always put the oldest in the tub while I bath the baby, that way Chelsea has time to play before we start the actual "business" of the bath. So I bathed the baby, got her dressed, and realized I had forgotten her socks, so I decided to go get them. Chelsea is fine to leave for a second, so I did and left the baby in the bathroom as well, in her bouncy seat. I shut the door behind me so the cold air wouldn't get in and freeze them, and went to get the socks.

I got the sock and came back, turned the door knob and all it did was turn and turn and didn't open.!!! What do I do?!?! I yelled to Chelsea to make sure her head was above water, and she was fine, of course, and asked what was wrong, so I told her the door was stuck. Her response?

"Well aren't you screwed"