Monday, February 04, 2008


First, I want to tell you that my mom had her tests and she is FINE! What a relief! Phew. Thanks for the prayers!

Ok, on to my story.

About 3 weeks ago on a lazy Sunday afternoon we started to get ready to go to the IL's for our weekly dinner. The hubs and I both needed showers and I decided that I could kill two birds with one stone and get some wifely duties out of the way while getting cleaned up. So, I put the TV on in our bedroom and asked Chelsea to watch it with her baby sister and that we'd be back soon. Then we jumped in the shower like the bad parents we are, and had a quickie. No big deal, right?

Except my daughter has the memory of an elephant.

The past week, we had an ice storm that left TONS of homes without power for DAYS. Our home was one of those, so we packed up and stayed at my parents house for a few nights. The second morning we were there, my mom was getting ready for work in the bathroom and Chelsea was in there hanging out with her and chatting. Mom proceeded to tell Chelsea that she "shared her shower with a bucket full of water" that Poppy (my Dad) had left in the tub incase the power went off there...well water, pump doesn't work with out power) since the bucket was full and too heavy to takoeut. Chelsea mulled this over and then told Nanny that "Mommy and Daddy share the shower too" and that she had to "babysit".



Tara said...

lmao! We've been busted before too. Soooo embarassing!

YEY,your mom is okay!!! :)

Jovi said...

LMAO! let this be a lesson to you all!

Andrea said...


Wendy said...

First off...woohoo that your mom is fine. Second....roflmao...that cookie is a good one. You need to remember these things before you do something like this

Stacie said...

lmao. Ah, the things kids say...and remember!

So glad your mom is ok!

Tamara said...

rotflmao! That is classic!